Fully automated optical surface measurement opens up potential for your production

Inspection of incoming material, monitoring of individual production steps or quality assurance of finished products - optical surface measurement technology is becoming increasingly popular in production thanks to its fast, flexible and automated measurement procedures. The integration of optical surface measurement in production environments offers significant potential. Especially in the high technology industry, the demands... Continue Reading →

FRT multi-sensor technology: the non plus ultra for the manufacturing of innovative products in mechanical engineering

The precise measurement of surfaces in mechanical engineering is essential for both R&D and industrial production control. It is important to characterize the components non-destructive and with high resolution in order to check and optimize specific properties. The possibilities for modifying the properties of product surfaces and thus optimizing them to a specific specification profile... Continue Reading →

Competitive advantage in the photovoltaic industry – Optical surface measurement technology optimizes production of new generations of solar wafers

The non-destructive characterization of surface structures on solar wafers is of increasing importance, because it can offer solutions for many problems and concrete applications. From development to production: The demand for high-resolution measurement technology extends along the entire supply chain. As a rule of thumb, the more the structuring progresses in the manufacturing process stepping... Continue Reading →

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