FRT measuring instruments are helping to realize ambitious roadmaps in the sapphire and LED industry

Whatever is produced, no matter from which material and in what quantities - perfect quality can only be achieved by consistently high perfection. And this must be constantly controlled. Sensors and measurement technology can help to increase productivity in process control and thus reduce production costs. The FRT metrology technology creates optimal conditions for the... Continue Reading →

Comprehensive service guarantees customer satisfaction

FRT GmbH offers 3D surface measurement technology for research, production and quality assurance. With micro- and nanometer resolution, the multi-award winning measuring systems offer non-contact, non-destructive and optionally fully automatic information on topography, structure, step height, roughness, wear, thickness variation, film thickness and many other parameters. More than 600 systems are in use worldwide by... Continue Reading →

Optical measurement technology is making a breakthrough in the automotive industry

The modern automotive industry is faced with great challenges with regard to the increasing quality demands of its innovative products. The properties of these products today are essentially determined by precisely defined structures, surfaces and small dimensions of the components, which have to be constantly controlled. Surface measuring devices from FRT satisfies this need for... Continue Reading →

Roughness measurement – essential and highly precise

Whether in research and development, process or quality control: an exact roughness measurement of work pieces or finished products is indispensable in numerous industries and sectors such as the semiconductor industry, medical technology, automotive industry or mechanical engineering. With high-precision, optical roughness measuring devices you can determine the exact surface roughness, thus ensuring the quality... Continue Reading →

Metrology for MEMS – more than just a trend

The complexity of integrated circuits is increasing significantly - and is an amazing innovation factor. At the same time, this development presents a considerable challenge for the industry in various areas. It requires constantly changing demands on production parameters, process control and quality assurance. Only variable and expandable systems are suitable for this purpose -... Continue Reading →

It is no longer possible without: non-contact surface measurement technology for excellent medical technology

The miniaturization trend in medical technology is progressing rapidly. The focus of the development and manufacture of medical-technical products is on smaller and less expensive instruments that are also equipped with innovative functions such as flow measurement sensors. In addition, medical technology products such as bioabsorbable stents or implants are becoming increasingly more and more... Continue Reading →

In situ surface measurement

Whether it's a large machine, an inaccessible vehicle cab, a fixed roller or a heavy glass panel: the MicroSpy┬« Mobile is used when measuring "in situ". In the MicroSpy┬« Mobile, the fixed design of the x,y stages with granite table was replaced by a microscope stage with central opening. The sensor is approached through this... Continue Reading →

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