About FRTent

FRTent is the name of our FRT Content Hub. Here you will find a lot of information from FRT under one roof. We would like to introduce you to our knowledge and our passion for optical metrology, so that you can understand and use our enthusiasm for metrology. We are aware, of course, that not every reader is an expert in our field, but what is not can still be. Therefore, always stay tuned…

Not only our Metrology Tuesday, known on Twitter and LinkedIn, will be continued here, but little animated stories will follow which will show you our versatile and highly interesting applications. In addition, there will be a Metrology glossary in which subjects will be explained in an understandable manner.

Through the latest news and press releases, you will be regularly informed about our industry and have the opportunity to get the best information possible. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. Our experts will answer your questions.

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